'Add East and West, and stir vigorously' - Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen

This wealth of knowledge from co-authors Yuan Wang, Warren Sheir and Mika Ono, makes Chinese food therapy principles accessible for those who aren't familiar with the concepts, but also includes an in-depth description of the medicinal properties of each dish and the patterns of disharmony they should be applied to. Perfect for students, practitioners and patients alike. Check out their website here

Healing with Wholefoods is somewhat a bible for any natural medicine student or practitioner. Integrating modern nutrition principles and Traditional Chinese Philosophy, it includes heaps of vegan recipes (yes he advocates a vegan diet!) which are incredibly simple, but teach us to use ingredients that many may avoid, simply because we've never been shown how to before. Read all about Paul Pitchford's approach here

Visit my beautiful and talented friend Jess's blog here. She has a million and one awesome recipes, is a writer, a jewellery maker, and wants to inspire everyone to tap into their creative resources. Nurturing and accessing your creative side is a sure path to health and happiness.

Wild Fermentation - Sandor Ellix Katz

This book absolutely rocks. It changed the way I think about food, and ever since I became a proud owner of this text I have not stopped trying to pickle, ferment, bubble and alcohol-ise everything in my kitchen. Sandor is truly passionate about traditional methods of preserving and consuming live microbes everyday. It's easy to follow and accessible for everyone, regardless of whether you have fancy equipment or not. It's time we stopped fearing bugs and mold!! Check out his website here